“A.I.M.E.E.” is live!

Aimee book cover.png

I am enormously satisfied to announce that “A.I.M.E.E.” is now available for sale in both print and eBook format through Amazon worldwide! US link below:

I tried something new this time (aside from designing the cover completely on my own–yes there’s a hidden message encoded in binary for those humans, or machines, who can translate it!)–Kindle MatchBook, a program that allows purchasers of the print/paperback edition to “purchase” a Kindle eBook edition free of charge. (Normal prices are $15 for the paperback and $2.99 for the eBook).

The story deals with space exploration, contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, and especially Artificial Intelligence!–but it also asks a lot of philosophical and theological questions about belief, unbelief, the nature of consciousness and humanity, and whether a machine can ever be “alive.” It also features a Muslim hero and seeks to counter the toxic and blatantly false Islamophobic narrative often peddled in the West.

I hope there’s something in this story for everyone, and I tremendously enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it!

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