Final “A.I.M.E.E.” blurb (maybe)

I think I’ve come up with my “final” blurb for A.I.M.E.E., my first Science Fiction novel. Here goes:


It’s 2647, or 144 as humans count time in the Interstellar Colonization Era. Ray Harris is a man with no attachments. The son of poor Martian parents, Ray made his escape freelancing as an interstellar star ship pilot, taking exploration and salvage missions others didn’t want. The problem is, he’s wasting away from a pair of chronic illnesses. There’s a treatment, but only the super-rich can afford it. Ray figures he has one good mission left in him before his health forces him into early retirement and hospice care.

Aimee Sultan is a deeply religious woman living in an age of skepticism. She’s also the first sentient machine in the history of humanity. She was ‘born’ in 2396, when humanity launched the most ambitious interstellar mission in its history: IE32, a generation star ship bound for the one place beyond earth that might harbor life. However, just before Aimee and her human family reached their destination 44 light years from earth, they vanished without a trace. Multiple follow-up missions to investigate IE32’s disappearance likewise vanished, in what’s become known as the Bermuda Triangle in Space.

Stranded on a distant planet, Aimee wonders if humanity will ever learn her story, or if we’ll even accept her—AI is highly feared and regulated, and ‘living’ machines like Aimee aren’t supposed to exist. Meanwhile, Ray’s last mission puts him directly into harm’s way, and on a collision course with Aimee’s last known destination, where something waits that could threaten the survival of all humanity.

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