Updated course schedule

I’ve modified my future course schedule somewhat, registering for Fall 2019 at Harvard Extension School, and still planning to complete a Web Technologies Certificate in Spring 2020. However, instead of veering from the programming side into the design side, I’ve decided that more programming is better:

Course Number Course Name Term University
DGMD E-28 Single-Page Applications and Interfaces with Vue.js Fall 2019 Harvard Extension School
CSCI E-39 Modular Design Patterns with React Spring 2020 Harvard Extension School

Programming is what I really enjoy, and while this certainly makes me “JavaScript heavy,” deep diving more into Vue (which I’ve already had exposure to through a previous course) and then taking an entire course dedicated to React should round me out with the most popular JavaScript front-end libraries/frameworks for building Single-Page Applications (SPAs), the modern web standard. (I’ve previously taken a course on Angular, and React + Angular accounts for the majority of the SPA market).

I would also like to take CSCI E-65G, Mobile Application Development with iOS, a course dedicated to Apple’s Swift programming language (which looks more like JavaScript or Python, and less like C or Objective-C after a cursory look at some code samples), but HES doesn’t count this toward the Web Technologies Certificate. Still, I might take it on my own in Fall 2020 if I’m not satisfied with efforts to learn Swift on my own courtesy of Apple’s voluminous free developer resources. I remain interested in learning React Native, Lua, and C# as well, but especially where React Native is concerned, I believe learning Swift and iOS development would be a wonderful supplement, as there are simply some aspects of mobile app development that are better done natively. I’m not sure if I’ll take the additional step of trying to learn Kotlin for Android app development, at least not right away, but I suppose it depends on what the job market for web/software developers looks like!

My goal at this point remains unchanged: to find 100% remote work doing web and/or software development. My focus has been on JavaScript, but I’m also comfortable with Python, to include the Flask and Django libraries/frameworks for server-side web development. I also like the fact Python has a number of Machine Learning libraries available for it, which would be a wonderful way to build off of my summer studies in implementing raw ML algorithms. I had hoped to take CSCI E-14a, Building Interactive Web Applications for Data Analysis, a HES class focused on Python, D3, TensorFlow, and SciKit-Learn, and incorporating ML libraries into web applications, but sadly, the course is only being offered on-campus this fall and I can’t afford to move to Cambridge for 3 months.

My Air Force civilian job is going well. It has physically been a struggle, especially on the days I physically go in to the office, but my supervisor and co-workers have been so understanding and accommodating that we’ve made it work. It’s immensely satisfying to be able to work again, thanks to an employer willing to accommodate employees with disabilities. If the opportunity to stay on as a federal civilian employee presents itself, I’d like to continue serving in that capacity. Meanwhile, I’m going to continue studying web (and software more generally!) development, with the long-term goal of doing web/software development for a living. I like solving problems through programming, and building fun and useful software for users to interact with.

Lastly, “A.I.M.E.E.” is alive and well. I found a sensitivity reader, and am having my manuscript reviewed. I’m hopeful that the final product is better, and more authentic, than my drafts, and that people enjoy reading it!

And with that, have a wonderful weekend and remainder of your summer!

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