Hoffnungslose Ziele book launch delay

Sadly, the release of Hoffnungslose Ziele:  A Dark Journey of Lost Causes, has been unavoidably delayed…but only for a short while.  Expect to see it by the end of September.  It came down to quality over speed, and while the manuscript’s been completed for some number of months, there is a lot that goes into publishing a book, and I wasn’t willing to make design compromises for the sake of pushing it out faster.  I hope it’ll be worth the wait and that you’ll enjoy it!  One bonus of the delay is a new and improved cover–I think you’ll like it, as I do.  Stay tuned!!

On another note, I finished my first draft manuscript for Hoffnungslose Ziele II:  Anna’s Crusade.  My plan as of this moment is to publish it sometime next year.  Whereas the first book focuses more on the thoughts and feelings of the main characters during their youth (18-25ish), the second book explores middle age and some of the challenges that entails.  In a way it was easier to write, since I didn’t have to try to re-imagine or recapture my own youth–I could simply reflect on my present.  At any rate, I hope you enjoy both!

One thought on “Hoffnungslose Ziele book launch delay

  1. As noted on my “Hoffnungslose Ziele” page, the books is now out, available for purchase through Amazon (Kindle, and print coming soon) and iBooks. The eBook is $5.99 and the print book is $20.16–sadly I had to raise the price 17 cents because I couldn’t keep it under 500 pages. 🙂


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