Welcome to KevinReinholz.com. I primarily created this site to share information about published and upcoming novels.  You can also follow me on Twitter:  @KevinReinholz.

All text and images are Copyright © 2017 Kevin Reinholz.  The beautiful “Hoffnungslose Ziele” related illustrations you see were created by José del Nido, http://josedelnido.com/.

Speaking of images, if you’re curious who is featured in the above painting of the Königsberg Castle courtyard in what is now Kaliningrad, circa 1867, from left to right:  Kevin Reinholz, Metia, Alina, Anna Veller, Gustav Strehl, Johann Ehlers, Karl Rhode, and Constanţa (from Hoffnungslose Ziele).

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Being Chronically Ill

Well, I suppose it’s time I “came out” about having a chronic illness. In truth, those who follow me or who have read my comments on others’ posts on Twitter, where I go by the oh-so-original handle @KevinReinholz, already know that I have ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia, and Dysautonomia/POTS, among other conditions. It’s funny, I started … Continue reading Being Chronically Ill

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